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since April 16, 2012


Learning project management while helping the community Bringing new hope to Sunny Acres!

First Day Cleanup

Every year, Poly House renovates the home of a local family struggling with issues related to disabilities. The project gives students an opportunity to learn project planning and management, help those in need and gain exposure to the benefits of community service.

This spring, however, students hope to resolve a long-standing issue in San Luis Obispo. For the past 10 years, Sunny Acres has housed homeless individuals and provided a unique rehabilitation program. Unfortunately, the grounds and facilities have been a point of contention because of code violations and unsightliness.

Our objective is to facilitate the successful alignment of code restrictions and enforcement between the county and Sunny Acres and build collaborative partnerships for the program?s long-term success. We also want to lay the foundation ' literally! ' for an 8,000-square-foot residence that will provide safe housing for the homeless.

We want to make Sunny Acres a point of pride for the community, a place that transforms lives. It's ambitious, especially planning for the construction of a new residence facility , but we know that we can accomplish our goals with your help.