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Project Background

The purpose of PolyHouse is to allow students an opportunity to learn project planning and management skills while exposing them to the benefits of community service. This spring PolyHouse will renovate the home of yet another deserving local citizen.

Our selected client is a 16 year old disabled young woman confined to a wheelchair and her aging grandparents who have adopted her and have also cared for over 20 foster children. The granddaughter was born with a heart defect and had 3 heart surgeries before the age of 3. She developed seizures and experienced a stroke at 13 months. Complications arose in her last heart surgery which left her in a coma for 12 days, and when she woke up she had permanent severe and profound multiple disabilities which left her dependent for all self-help needs. Her grandparents make every possible accommodation for their granddaughter within their power, yet as she has grown over the years the physical demands of caring for a dependent young woman has taken a toll. It is our goal to improve the safety and comfort of their home with the possibility for completion of a roll-in shower, a heating system and other much needed renovations that would otherwise go undone bringing great hope for them.

It is the PolyHouse’s goal to improve the safety and comfort of their home and complete other household projects that would otherwise go undone, bringing hope of a more comfortable life for the family.

The challenge for the students is to plan and schedule the work and resources to assure that the entire project can be completed in only four days (2nd and 3rd weekends in May) before the school quarter ends. We receive no funding with which to perform the work for this project and depend entirely upon the generosity of businesses and individuals in the community.